What We Are

The floriculture industry is one of innovation. From genetic breakthroughs to operational efficiencies, the supply chain is improving the way we bring flowers to consumers at every step along the way. Beginning with the breeder, to the professional grower, and on through to the retail outlets, this is an industry with high standards that thrives by combining the traditional with the cutting edge. ePlantSource was born from this same commitment to taking the industry to new standards. With systems innovations that will save time, centralize processes, and organize information, ePlantSource is the answer many growers have been looking for.

ePlantSource is an online broker of live goods to professional greenhouse growers in North America. This proprietary eCommerce site provides growers a self-service, price efficient system to place, track and edit orders. Because our online storefront streamlines the supply chain, provides up to the moment availability, and furnishes instant order updates and shipment notifications, we are giving growers more time to do what they love.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated industry, systems and marketing professionals working together to offer an online alternative to professional growers for their live good needs.

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